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Delivering Growth for Our Clients 

Innovative Investment Portfolios Built for Long Term Success

Your Benefits

Whether you are an individual or institutional investor, we provide investment management solutions designed for long term capital appreciation through our investment focus on liquid, public equities.

We combine thorough analysis with thoughtful capital deployment to manage risk on behalf of our clients. Our investment approach has been developed through our experience working at some of the largest hedge funds in New York City, leveraging a robust risk management expertise.

We focus on providing our clients four key objectives through our investment management services:

  1. Meaningful long term returns in listed, public stocks.  
  2. Unique and powerful investment ideas in game changing industries.
  3. Transparent, SEC-registered and easy to implement managed investment accounts. 
  4. Unmatched alignment with the founders of The Bycoff Group. 

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Should you consider our services?

Our client list is a diverse list of family offices and high net worth families. Some attributes include:

  • Innovative and transparent investment solutions for high-net worth families, founders, entrepreneurs, business owners, athletes and entertainers.
  • Executives looking to build robust wealth and seeking sophisticated investment solutions that are not available through traditional large brokerage firms.
  • Wealthy retirees seeking to growth their portfolio to pass on wealth to the next generation.
  • Individuals motivated to find a solution that makes their money work for them in a more optimized approach.

There's never been a better time to build with The Bycoff Group!

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