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Delivering Growth for Our Clients 

Innovative Investment Portfolios Built for Long-Term Success

Our Objective: Investments to Build Wealth 

At The Bycoff Group, we recognize that many investment portfolios lack optimization in the asset classes that generate substantial long-term returns and foster wealth creation. Our core belief lies in harnessing the power of stocks from promising companies across varying market capitalizations, a strategy proven to yield significant growth over time.  

We are committed to delivering four fundamental objectives through our investment management services:

  1. Meaningful Long-Term Returns: We specialize in building portfolios invested in publicly listed stocks, with a focus on delivering meaningful returns over the long haul.

  2. Innovative Investment Opportunities: Our approach is fueled by impactful investment ideas, particularly within industries poised for transformative growth.

  3. Transparent and Efficient Management: Clients benefit from our straightforward, SEC-registered managed investment accounts, designed for seamless integration into their financial strategies.

  4. Unwavering Alignment: Our management team invests alongside our clients, ensuring alignment with their results and fostering trust in our shared success.

Our experience stems from investing for some of New York City's most prominent hedge funds where the co-founders were responsible for investing in and navigating risk across technology, media and telecom companies.

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Unlocking Wealth Potential: A Comparative Insight 

Value of $100,000 Invested over 30 Years by Asset Class

Source: Returns based on 15-25 year long -term mean average returns for asset classes per eMoney through 2023.

Despite the significant potential of public equities to generate wealth, many individual portfolios may not be fully optimized.

Average Asset Allocation of Individual Investors

Source: Average asset allocation per Bank of America Merrill Lynch average private client allocation, reported weekly as of April 2024.

Why Partner with Us?

Our client list is a diverse array of institutions, family offices and high net worth families, drawn to our:

  • Innovative and Transparent Offerings: Executives, business owners, athletes and entertainers seeking robust wealth-building opportunities beyond the scope of traditional brokerage firms.
  • Reaching New Heights: Institutions seeking a managed account solution for listed public equities with the goal of delivering growth through focused investments in companies across market capitalization sizes. 
  • Generational Wealth Planning: Retirees keen on growing their portfolios to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.
  • Optimized Approach: Individuals and families seeking to maximize their wealth potential through a more strategic and efficient investment approach.

There's never been a better time to build wealth with The Bycoff Group.

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